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If Websites and web apps are the heart of the business then Admin apps are definitely the soul of the business. Admin apps are the ones which help you bring out the best of your resources by planning your activities and staffing on it (ERP) and side by side maintain a healthy Customer relations with your clients (CRM). With the team of versatile developers Acwits is the place where we fill up the gap of your technical need and desires. We craft all your ideas and requirements into an amazing desired software. Have faith on ACWITS, best Software Development Company in Delhi NCR.

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Brain Storming/Requirement analysis

Brainstorming is a group problem-solving technique which consists of the involvement of all members of the group. Multiple stages of a business can benefit from brainstorming, from identifying your stakeholders to eliciting requirements to requirement analysis. The aim of brainstorming is to generate various new ideas, and to derive from them themes for further analysis. Thus brainstorming is a potent tool during the evolving stage of a project.

Acwits, a Digital Marketing Company in India, provides innovative ideas to the clients to benefit their project as well as their organisation.