In today’s era, Mobile phone is the most easily accessible electronic device in the world.  Ironically, there are more mobile phones in any family than the number of family members. And somehow, we have reached this stage in life due to the birth of digitalization in our society, reasonable price of smartphones and growing number of mobile manufacturing companies.

Mobile phones have gained immense popularity due to the hosting of various type of applications and vice versa.  Mobile Application is a type of application software designed to run on mobile devices such as Smart Phones, Tablets, Personal Digital Assistants, Enterprise Digital Assistant, and SmartWatch. Mobile applications provide the services to the user in a frequent and easy manner which they used to get through PCs or laptop at a slower pace.

The popularity of mobile apps has increased enormously and is continuing to rise. Therefore, through the development of mobile applications, one can easily reach the mass of people. The scope of  Mobile application is vast, as it can serve every age group, every caste, every religion, people belonging to any economic background and professional background, just it needs to be properly designed according to their respective requirements. 

With the help of Mobile application:

  • Reachability has increased
  • Accessibility has increased
  • Exposure to the different brand is achieved.
  • Product and brand value has increased
  • Revenue has increased
  • Sharing of apps with friend and family has become easy.
  • Customer engagement has increased
  • Purchasing process has become easier
  • Sales in e-commerce application have increased

Operating System for Mobile Applications:

Apple iOS

Application developed for iOS platform are supported by Apple & is used only on iPhones and iPads. Swift and Objective-C languages are used to write iOS applications.  iOS devices are more secure than Android. The fixed set of tools are used while developing an iOS application.

Current iOS operating system version is iOS 11.2.6


Android is developed and supported by Google and it has an open source operating system platform.  Java & Kotlin language is used to write an Android application.  The Android platform allows the use of third-party tool while developing an application.

The current Android operating system is Oreo 8.0-8.1

For each platform, one needs to develop a different application as they can’t work commonly, iPhone app won’t run on Android Phone & vice versa.

Which Operating system is better according to the different perspective?

It is very much clear that need for mobile apps for any (small/ medium/ big) scale business is increasing by leaps and bounds. For stepping into the glorified digital world, we will become your accelerator to design & develop a unique mobile application.  

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