Your blog is one of the best inbound marketing platforms you can use as a marketing agency to advertise your agency and its services. It can be difficult to carve out time to blog when you're busy running your firm and producing killer campaigns for your clients.

Here are the 5 best blog post ideas for your marketing agency. All you need to do is provide the words and impeccable grammar.

Use of Social Media Marketing platforms for business promotions

Tell your customers/readers the power of social media platforms. Let the numbers do the talking. Tell them facts from the various reports about the number of worldwide users on different platforms.
Do tell them the percentage of users using the handheld device or systems so that your customer/reader can select the platform and formulate an appropriate strategy for the promotions.

Shifting trend from orthodox offline advertisements to digital platforms

Show your customers/readers the shifting trends by a comparative analysis from the last two decades. This should include
The increasing users on social media platforms
The increasing brands on different platforms
Amount of money spent on various platforms
Talk about result-oriented methods
Let your customers/readers know that this is the only measurable way by which you can get to know the number of people to whom your advertisement was served.

How do social media platforms help find the appropriate audience for your brand?

This is where you have to talk about the special analytical tools and lovely dashboards these big social media platforms have created. With the use of these dashboards, you can narrow down the audience to a very specific size.
Let your customers/readers know how the AI of different platforms works and captures the interest of a user, which can be further used by agencies to market different products/brands. You just need the correct tool at the correct time.

What are different social media platforms used for?

You can promote one’s the brand/product/individual only by knowing the correct platform for the promotion. One should know the target audience and which platform will have the maximum number of that audience so that advertisements could be cheaper.
Use of different platforms
Facebook has all types of audiences; it was used for textual content initially, then for images, and now for video-based content.
Instagram is majorly used for posting images and it also has mixed audiences, but buying and selling of products are easier on this platform as promoting images is easy here.
Linked it is a platform for professionals. Let your clients know about the B2B connections over this platform.
Twitter is altogether a different platform, where a very niche kind of audience is found. Buying or selling is not preferred on this platform, but for the brand value, this is a golden platform.

How to grow your audience on Facebook and Instagram?

Let your customer/readers know the power of the business tools provided by Facebook. Tell them how Facebook and Instagram audiences can be managed and created by the business manager, making multiple audiences and using A/B testing to find the appropriate audiences for their brands.
Describe how to use Pixel code on your website and how you can re-target customers by blocking them in the Facebook pixel.

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